HSF Dream Team

Cancer, kidney disease – medical conditions usually seen as debilitating – have not stopped committed individuals from exercise, some of whom have even completed a 26.2 mile marathon. We have trained cancer survivors and others with medical conditions to complete a marathon, motivated individuals such as a middle-aged individual with a liver transplant and a  73-year old dialysis patient.


Physically active individuals can lower their risk for cancer by as much as 40%.  Exercise also benefits cancer survivors, those who stay active live longer.  Over the decades we have trained cancer survivors and others with medical conditions to complete a marathon.  Building upon this experience our dedicated ‘Dream Team’ staff  will coach individuals who despite seemingly debilitating illness have the motivation


individuals who inspite of illness or medical conditions are able to train for a marathon while modifying significant disease processes or in spite of their disease. i.e. having an illness is not always necessarily a disability nor does it necessarily bar them from seeking athletic goals and accomplishment.


At present, there are many individuals with medical conditions who continue to approach us for guidance in setting up an exercise program that is effective and “do-able”. The purpose of this project is to educate the public regarding the possibilities of achievement in physical fitness to the maximum benefit for each individual. These accomplished athletes would be available for interviews, discussion, lectures to various groups as a manner of encouraging others with similar disabilities to just get started. We have trained many cancer survivors to complete a marathon and data indicates that for an individual who exercises aerobically, the incidence of cancer recurrence is dramatically reduced by as much as 50%. Additionally, we have had our first dialysis patient (age 73) as well as our first liver transplant (middle aged) complete a marathon.